Thursday, 7 February 2013

An Interview With The Public Enemy Stranger (Episode 3)

Episode III
I couldn’t explain if it was the environment that was getting to him or probably because he changed his attire to something nice or probably because of the presence of a lady in close contact with him, I smiled at myself again and asked him if he wanted a body spray (hoping no offence), I brought out my emergency body spray and gave it to him, I watched him thinking he was going to spray it on where people were eating, I wasn’t planning to stop him anyways, to my surprise he got up to use it in the restroom, I told him to keep the spray as a gift from me and he hid it at his back on his seat, I was hoping I had been able to get him more relax, I asked him for his order and got up to get the brunch, while waiting for my orders I looked back checking on him many times to be sure he hadn’t chickened out or something, I took back the food to the table, he was having a two portion fried-rice and  chicken with a carton of juice while I opted for only salad, I hoped the money I was spending would give me worthwhile information from this guy, I stylishly watched him eat and like a giant he took large spoonfulls  of rice steadily, I poured him a full cup of the orange juice I bought and he nodded me a ‘thank you’, within 2minutes he was done eating.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Diary Of The Grumpy (Episode 3)

 Episode III

        Mr Henry had never been known to be a troublemaker through out his life, he had moved into the Kadiri lane with his late wife Dupe when the residents were mostly newly weds, they were almost all alike in nature, they had had kids who went to the same schools and were finally sent to the same colleges, some of their kids had even married from the same neighborhood, there was always love, some peace and quiet in the neighborhood as the upbringing the folks living in the neighborhood gave to their kids were alike, it was like bringing up perfect children, most of the kids of the families who originally settled in Kadiri lane like Mr Henry's' turned out to be successful or at least living life comfortably, gradually the original residents of the lane had sold their properties to one new couple or the other, by the time Henry was 60years old he was the only original resident of Kadiri lane among the different species of people who now roamed the lane, his house was located at the center of the lane and it stood out among other houses on the lane. Other houses had adopted the modern style of fencing their apartments to the height of an adult's waist, extensions had been built and strangers had been admitted into them as new tenants, there had been the good, the beautiful, the cheating, the bad and the ugly tenants to talk about, sometimes the strangers were even creepy-looking and you should double check the lock on your doors before you slept at night. Kadiri lane was no more what it used to be, Henry's house stood without any fence but with its neat and open lawn in the middle of the lane which had a 'KEEP OFF' sign drilled to the ground on it, from time to time people had offered him good money to sell his one and only property to them and as obviously as stubborn as he could be he had refused many times, one of his adamant potential buyers was the ambitious Tony who was an accountant, he was in his late twenties and was married with two young kids, his wife Patricia had been rumored to be promiscuous from time to time but nobody had genuinely liked Tony enough to tell him about his occasionally cheating housewife. Tony had had the dream of erecting a large super service store where Henry's house is located, he wanted his wife to run the business while he concentrated on his accounting job but Henry seems to be delaying this dream of his from coming to a reality.

Friday, 1 February 2013

Putting Out All The Limelights

Putting Out All The Limelights

(Portraying An Ordinary Woman in the dim lights)
A compiled journal of the beloved, the envied and the hated in the entertainment industry, an entangling passionate love affair and the widely talked about triangle, the sour friends and the lies told in friendships, a biography of the life of a female international musician trying to exist as just an ordinary person with a trail of men who hate to love her secretly, the money, the drugs, the police and the dangerous boyfriend- her darkest addiction.