Saturday, 26 January 2013


 Dear Miss Karrueche, Rihanna and Mr Chrisbrown

Hello people, I bet you've got an idea of what I'm all about with this post or are we tired with their hollywood rumors and frigging dramas, hello Karrueche, hello Rihanna, hello Chris Brown, would you all wake the fuck up and please tell us what's going on with you guys, who's dating who?

 Mr Brizzy are you truly a drug addict like we've been hearing, I hope for your sake that you aint, why do you look so old and underfed even though you've got so much money, fame and power, don't you eat food? Are you some super-natural human being who forgets what they call health or you think you can survive without one and live or marijuana?

The national finest douche-bag!!!! (Episode 2)

Nash Finest Douchebag (Episode 2)

Tolu walked back to his car and stared at it for some minutes wondering what he was going to do about his situation, he noticed the light on his phone has starting to flick, he unlocked his car and withdrew his phone, his guess was right, it was his boss calling, he knew he was in a big soup already, “ Oga! How far nah!” the newspaper boy distracted him for a moment from him making a decision on whether to pick up or not. “See I dey come, wait first” he shot at the boy in annoyance, the boy decided to rest his back on Tolu’s car, he was bent on collecting the money he had been promised, Tolu took a deep breath and picked his boss call up, “Where the hell are you Tolu, have you forgotten about the presentation this morning? Why do I put up with your nonsense young man?”

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Diary of the Grumpy. (Episode 2)

Diary of the grumpy (Who’s the grumpiest of them all?)

Henry turns on his television to watch an old popular Yoruba movie he never got to finish to the end for once, it was exactly 4pm now which was the scheduled time for the movie to play on national television, there was peace on the street now and he would be damned if he wasn’t glad about that, he got up to pick the mug of tea he forgot in the kitchen, he checks his refrigerator for some cookies, found an empty cookie container and swears under his breath “Oloshi“  (in English- crazy person) shaking his head, he threw the container into the bin and opted for the Jacob’s water crackers instead, he walks back to his seat facing the television with ......

Monday, 21 January 2013


This week's CRUSH!!!  
Lynxxx from Nigeria VS Navio from Uganda


Uuuuuhm!!! Something I never mentioned about me in my profile, I've got this thing for fine, handsome, sexxxxxxy!!! good looking men, This is the new week's crush and I'm torn between this two, I wonder who the hottest is.
Lynxxx also known as Chukie is from Nigeria while Navio is from Uganda, they are both into contemporary rap and some r 'n b too, they are both free of scandals as they are both nicely built with some hot bodies, women drool over their tall physique and carriage, I've got friends who don't even care about what they sing but would pay whatever to go watch them perform on stage, wow MARVELOUS!!!.
I can't describe how much they look alike but they both remind me of eachother, whenever the " I don find my fine fine fine lady huuuh! " goes I remenber "I take 'em one by one, kata kata... "
@Chukie_lynxxx vs @naviomusic
Navio's hottest single and video for now is "Kata" Navio- Kata(OFFICIAL VIDEO) - YouTube
Lynxxx's hottest and single and video is "Fine Lady" ftr Wizkid Lynxxx - Fine Lady ft. Wizkid [Official Video]
Your oppinions?
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An interview with the public enemy stranger (Episode 2)

An Interview With The Public Enemy (Episode 2)

Within 5minutes after alighting from the BRT bus I arrived at my destination, I felt for the air around me and did a quick survey, I knew that finding my target person might be so so easy, if you reside in Lagos you would know that people get suspicious about anything out of the ordinary, I looked around at the small groups of people gathered at one corner, junction and bus-stop waiting for their destination bus or motor-bike to show up, there were the corner of the taxi part for those who want the luxury of traveling privately, not too far from the road was a seating bench and a woman selling snacks right in front of it, she also sold cigarettes and sweets too, beside her was another woman, younger and tiredly bleached skin selling drinks and some light alcohol drinks (not forgetting the well known ‘ALOMO‘, a herb and alcohol mixture to cure some ailments) Not too far from this women were a group of three men dressed shabbily, talking loud about soccer while a forth one seem to have taking a liking to the lady selling drinks, she didn’t seem to be interested in what he was saying to her as she was effortlessly ignoring him.

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Diary of the grumpy. (Episode 1)

Diary of the grumpy (Who’s the grumpiest of them all?)

"I'm sitting out my front porch taking in some fresh air along with the quiet afternoon-watching the sky take up different shapes, I wish we didn't grow so old so quickly, everything seem to move so fast leaving us behind even our ages are doing us no mercy, if only this young and energetic kids knew how much what they cared so much less about was in-fact the golden treasure people could never gain once lost, they wouldn't act so damn crazy, blind and stupid every damn time." He spits, stretches his old limbs and mumbles quietly to himself on his way into his home.

Thursday, 17 January 2013



Hi people,

    I hope you all are getting to like something about this humble page of mine, at-least I hope I'm reaching out to the literature lovers out there, people who love to read and know what sup, people who love to learn new things about other people and their lifestyle, people who are not afraid to be caught dead reading from my page. Dear people, I've got something cool for you today and without too much pre-amble cause I'm not writing an english grammar exam. I would let you in on what I did 4 days ago, well in the next paragraph of-course.
    I woke up on last-week friday morning rising to the blessed sun, I ran through my ming December 2012, the full month that had been part of my university holiday, I would soon drag myself off the bed to get the usual morning chores done, take my beauty bath, play dress up, put on some nice make-up and play with the canon camera, as shy as I was I loved to take pictures, the cute, the sexy, the nude, the beautiful, the bad and the ugly photos are all in my keep and then I thought of something that I had to do today, something daring and totally out of the box, not some silly day out with some married jerk, no way atleast not while the sun's still shining. Just like how I usually make my ridiculous decisions I finished up my chores, made breakfast and freshened up to an ordinary outing look, I used my face foundation (MaryKay) and nothing else on my face, I put my note pad and a pen into my nine-west duffle bag and left the empty house.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

The National finest douchebag!!!!(Episode 1)

Nash finest

      He’s a player, likes women alot and thinks there’s no kind of woman he cannot approach and chat up, he feels he can date all caliber of women, he has the luck of being disrespected most times by things ang security guards, sometimes he could be sensible and also stupid, he wonders why some annoying things happen to him.........