Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Fly Girls Love To Cook.....and eat. LOL!

Fly Girls Love To Cook.

Welcome to the cooking sections of my blog. I developed this section for:

§  Those girls who simply cannot COOK.
§  For those babes who were busy watching MTV-base while mum cooked in the kitchen.
§  For those who have mothers that rarely cooked. For those whose mothers never cooked.
§  For those whose mothers couldn’t cook.
§  For those who have some kind of competition with some other girl trying to steal her man with good food, no slacking oh!.
§  For those who want to make good kitchen bending wife.
§  For the very weird people who just thing good food is done by magic, stop asking “why?”
§  For bored people who just love to eat and eat something different from the usual.
§  For the girls getting ready to go back to school with some better kitchen skills to show off to her friends.
§  And also for those who just want to learn some new tips about preparing delicious and mouth-watering meals the easy way.
§  Etc.
I’m sure I’ve pretty much invited every single girl out there who feels shes lame in the kitchen, Hello! Pretty girl with lovely nails but doesn’t know how to cook, I’m here for you. Lol, trust me my picture background aint mocking you, Promise. Well, cooking starts tomorrow. Peace!!!

Thursday, 25 July 2013

....been a while.

hi people, got stuffs to post but just been up with other things. Been busy with the admin of this blog too and all would be sorted out soon. Always stay tuned to your faithful and humble girl.
 Jimi to da Vaey.

Monday, 15 July 2013