Friday, 2 August 2013

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How to prepare Eggs With Sweet Corn
I have to quickly add this, its fantastic with cooked yam, believe me. If you are in the mood for something totally new then you should try this with your yam. I know some of you would be like, “Ijekuje (Junk food)” but not at all I kind of consider these eggs a vegetarian delight. ….don’t eat it everyday though.

·      Eggs
·      Unsalted butter or margarine or vegetable cooking oil.
·      Sweet corn
·      Salt
·      Milk. ( fresh, powdered, evaporated) unsweetened and unsour oh.
·      Mixing bowl
·      Whisk
·      Frying pan

1.     Carefully break the eggshells and pour out the eggs into the mixing bowl. Depending on your eggs eating lifestyle you can either take out the whites or the yokes or you simply eat them both.
2.     Add a pinch of salt to the eggs, I always taste mine to be sure I have perfectly salted it, don’t worry about being grossed out, all you need is a very little taste. Now take your whisk and mix. Taste again.
3.     Add your milk of moderate quantity to the eggs,  just enough don’t over do it, mix it all up. Taste again.
4.     Now pour out your sweet corn into a bowl. If you are not using organics but the ones from the can, you have to drain out the water/brine liquid that comes with it completely. I repeat completely drain. Just toss the liquid down the drain.
5.     Place your frying pan on the burner and add the butter/ cooking oil. Allow the butter to melt into complete liquid. You don’t need so much oil or butter but just enough so that it covers the bottom of the frying pan in half an inch but if you one of those who love oil in any cooking you can add some more oil but always think about your heart and face though.
The presence of grease prevents burning and premature cooking.
6.     Wait till the oil gets hot to the point that it makes no bubbling or frying sound again. Pour in the sweet corn and stair fry. Reduce the fire/heat.
7.     You don’t need to wait too long, pour in the eggs mixture 5 to 10 seconds of pouring in the sweet corn.
8.     You need to check the corners of the eggs to be sure the bottom is cooked, you have to spread the eggs all over the bottom of the frying pan. The bottom of the eggs starts too harden up and you know you are ready to turn it over, so turn it over but if you are a lover of scrambled eggs you begin stirring it. Stir in relations to the size of lumps you want to create, if big you stir slowly but if you prefer smaller lumps you need to stir more quickly to break the bigger lumps.
9.     For your full unscrambled eggs just keep flipping it over and pressing on it so it fries dry and properly.
10. For the scrambled eggs lovers, keep stirring till the eggs look dry and not egg liquid is left uncooked.
11. Satisfied with the dryness? Turn off the burner and serve.
12. Serve with your yam slices. Basmati rice and pepper sauce, white rice and pepper sauce, bread etc


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