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How To Boil Yam Slices.
Hello there,
So someone asked how come I didn’t give instructions on how to cook rice or yam to go with the palm oil sauce. I only blinked in surprise but yes some just cannot cook. I would leave you guys to have a ball in a ‘trial and error’ learning process on how to prepare your white rice, have fun with that.
I would teach you how to boil yam my way. I like my yam soft, not dry and not drooling with water but moist enough. I’m not one of those eople who drench their yams in cooking pot, ew! Not me. I prefer to steam the yam slices so than it cooks evenly and not just get it soft. You can preserve the yam and syrup flavor when you steam it because soaking it in the hot cooking pot just allows the flavors set at the bottom of the pot where you have the residue liquid which you have to pour away, now that wastage and BORING! You yam slices have to be nicely flavored so that if you are on a low budget meal it still taste delicious even when the sauce your are managing it with is about to finish. It’d taste nice with butter alone and not drool water allover your plate.
If you like this style of preparing your yam, read on.

·      Yam tuber
·      Water
·      Salt
·      A wide bowl filled with water
·      Half to 1 cube of sugar or a teaspoon of sugar
·      Cooking pot
·      Plastic wrap/ nylon.
The quantity of sugar is just fine to serve two to three yam-eating people.

1.     Get a knife and make medium thin slices of the yam into the bowl filled with water. If the yam tuber is sandy, dust of the dirt first.
2.     After cutting the yam quantity of your choice, you start cutting off the dry outer layer of the yam into your cooking pot filled with water. Make sure the water covers the entire yam slices.
3.     Rinse the yam thoroughly transferring from the bowl filled with fresh water back to the pot. If you are not satisfied with using your hands to wash the slices, you could use a soft and clean sponge to wash the yam. Please do not use soap or dettol, just wash with water. Whew!
4.     Now rinse the cooking pot clean and place on your worktop, arrange your slices flat in to the pot and place each roundish edge on each other so it looks almost like layerz. The first set of slices you put in the pot would result in pocket spaces for air and steam to pass through.
5.     Arrange the remaining slices following this style, when you are done add a mug of water into it, put your cooker on and place the pot on it.
6.     Make a salt and sugar syrup in a cup with water and taste to be sure the salt and sugar is moderate. The salt you add should just be a single % higher than the sugar, that’s exactly how the flavor in your yam would taste.
7.     Pour the syrup into the yam and cover while you prepare the wrap, you could have also cleaned the wrap before starting the preparation so that you don’t waste time in getting the yam covered should incase you yam tuber isn’t the white yam (Probably those annoying ones that turn brown as you cut them).
8.     Now take your plastic wrap or nylon and rinse thoroughly, avoid toxic wraps that are not meant for cooking or wraps with prints on them. The prints would come off and into your food. No we don’t want that.
9.     Place the clean wrap over the yam to cover the pot completely, make 2 to 3 holes for air and steam to pass through so it doesn’t blow off the pot cover.  If you get my drift you would see that this is just like using a pressure like cooker to cook.
10. Check the water in the pot to be sure the water would be enough, add some to allow the water reach halfway of the yam slices and place the pot cover over the pot.
11. Because you are steaming the yam you have to stay close to it to avoid the water over drying and burning. In 10(ten) minutes take a fork and check for the softness of the yam by simply stabbing the yam through the wrap. You have to be careful not to open the wrap carelessly if you’d rather do that to check, the steam could and would burn. You need to check more than one top slice by stabbing their middle. If the softness is unsatisfactory add some more water.
12. Given another 10 minutes you check the yam again like you did above and when you’ve arrived at the softness of your taste, put out the cooker and serve your yam slices hot, arrange the yam into the plate like you did in the pot so it reminds you of the pyramid and add your palm oil experience sauce. Your meal should look ‘royalty’.
13. You could also try your yam with, fried eggs, vegetable oil pepper sauce, butter, slightly salted vegetable oil, slightly salted palm oil etc. trust me they all taste very good.

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